About For Eyes Clinic

Optician & Optometrist in Abbotsford, BC

Our story starts in the city of Abbotsford in the year 1993, when owners Bhupinder and Gurpreet Oberoi opened their first optical store, Gladwin Optical. They entered the field with a vision in mind which was to help their customers find quality eyewear to provide better care for their eyes. Through the years they worked hard to carry forward this vision and it has now extended to drive forward the business into two optical stores as well as an eye care clinic - that is, For Eyes Clinic.

With the vision for providing the public with better access to eye care and the goal to provide patients with as much knowledge as possible about their ocular health, Bhupinder and Gurpreet decided to open the clinic in the year 2017. Since then they have worked alongside independent optometrists to deliver the promise of quality eye care to customers and patients.

Inside For Eyes Clinic, you’ll find both an optical and an eye clinic. Here, we offer both services that allow comfort and ease to fall into the hands of our clients. With a wide range of eyewear as well as access to well-versed independent optometrists with high-level education and training, we ensure that all individuals that walk through the doors of For Eyes Clinic will be confident and happy with their new-found knowledge of their ocular health, as well as the level of care that they receive towards it.

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